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The Global Payroll Awards judges have years of payroll experience across industry and public services. As leaders in their fields, our judges understand what it takes to achieve excellence and they are looking for individuals and organisations of distinction - those that stand out from the crowd and exemplify the very best of leadership, teamwork and innovation - to celebrate at The Global Payroll Awards 2022.

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EY Payroll Advisory

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Vialto Partners

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Head of Payroll

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Nick Bryant

Global Head of Payroll

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About the 2023 Awards 

This event is not limited to payroll teams in the UK, it will celebrate technical excellence and professional development amongst companies and their payroll teams operating internationally.

Join us at the only award ceremony in the world for professionals involved in global Payroll, this year in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Sponsorship of the Global Payroll Awards offers businesses unrivalled exposure to a very large audience before, during and after the event. 

The Global Payroll Awards are an annual event proudly organised by the Global Payroll Association. 

The Awards celebrate and reward technical excellence, professional development and teamwork within the Global Payroll industry. 

The Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of businesses and individuals within the payroll community. The Awards have been running since 2016 and sells out with over 300 payroll professionals in attendance every year. 

Find the full list of the Global Payroll Awards 2022 Winners here.

Contact us to find out how to get involved with the 2023 Global Payroll Awards. 

Five Top tips when entering The Global Payroll Awards 2023 

1) Plan ahead and Start early - Consider the awards criteria when planning your projects. Set clear objectives and ensure that your achievements meet them and Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your entry. Find out the entry deadline and make a start on gathering the information required for your chosen category at least 4-6 weeks ahead. 

2) Get buy-in - It’s all about teamwork…so make sure your peers and senior managers are aware of the awards and garner their support with the entry. They can provide you with useful information and invaluable feedback to help you create the best possible entry.

3) Keep it simple - Focus on what the judges are actually asking for in the judging criteria. Don’t just fill your entry with the contents of existing sales and marketing materials. Make sure the entry is succinct, clear and easy to understand.

4) Prove it - Demonstrate how you have achieved clear benefits to the business, its employees, your customers and the general public. Always back up your claims with hard evidence, especially statistical and testimonial. Provide compelling before and after data, and quotes from third parties, wherever possible

5) Learn from the experience - If you don’t win at the first attempt, learn from the process and try again next year. You are welcome to ask for feedback on your last entry and gain insight into what the judges felt was missing. 

Join us at National Museum of Scotland!

The Global Payroll Awards 2023 will be hosted at The National Museum of Scotland, Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1JF

The Awards will take place from 7.00pm - 01.00am BST on 8th June 2023. 

Individual Seat: £215+VAT
Table of 10: £1999+VAT

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Global Payroll Supplier of the Year 2022

NEW! Automation and Integration Award 2022

WINNER: Papaya Global


WINNER: Accenture and Microsoft


Transformation Project of the Year 2022

Payroll Manager of the Year 2022

WINNER: Áine Crawley -Paycheck Plus


International Payments Provider of the Year 2022



Payroll Innovation Award 2022

WINNER: Ramco Systems


Payroll Software Supplier of the Year 2022


Payroll Specialist of the Year 2022

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Conor Bellew - Paycheck Plus
WINNER: Rachael Bell - OneSource Virtual


Payroll Student of the Year 2022

WINNER: Anna Johnson, BDO UK


Payroll Team of the Year 2022



Payroll Consultant of the Year 2022

WINNER:  Sridevi RK - HR Workitechs

The Global Payroll Association received a record number of submissions, over doubling those of 2021, making the shortlist process even more difficult than usual. Congratulations to all of the companies and individuals who have been shortlisted.  A  massive congratulations to the WINNERS of The Global Payroll Awards 2022!

The Categories

Automation and Integration Award 2023 

Does your organisation provide a central platform that allows third-party payroll providers to connect to allow visibility, control and consolidated reports? Do you make a significant difference by your presence in our industry? If yes this award is for you.

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Consultant of the Year 2023

Do you work on payroll contracts or projects for specific companies and periods of time? Are you a payroll consultant offering advice and support to a payroll department and beyond, playing an integral part in their success? Do you believe that you are the best in your field? Embrace the opportunity to be recognised for your hard work by entering this award.

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Employer of Record Organisation of the Year 2023

Is your organisation an Employer of Record who assists either large or small companies with their global expansion and helps solve HR and Global payroll compliance? Is your organisation an industry stand-out; the very best in the world? This award could be the one for you.

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Payroll Software Supplier of the Year 2023

Do you feel that your organisation has the world's best software for the payroll industry? Does your software allow a return on investment and cost savings? Have your clients benefited since implementing your software? This award could be for you.

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Transformation Project of the Year 2023

Have you or your client been working on a transformation project that has changed the way organisations use people, processes and technology? Have you met the challenges and outcomes whilst building relationships with key stakeholders to achieve this transformation project? If yes this award is for you.

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Payroll Specialist of the Year 2023

Are you or do you know the best payroll specialist in the world? Have you been working in payroll for one or more years and do you feel that you have honed your payroll know-how during this time to develop stand out skills that make you the Payroll specialist of the year?

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Payroll Manager of the Year 2023

Are you the best payroll manager in the world or are you fortunate enough to work with someone who is? We want to hear why you/they deserve to win this award. What makes them remarkable? How do they support, develop and retain their team? Why do you believe they are the best?

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Payroll Innovation Award 2023

Have you or your organisation developed a new innovation either for an in-house purpose or for a client that has helped streamline a payroll process, system or project? If the answer is yes and you have a great case study to share this award is for you.

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International Payments Supplier of the Year 2023

Does your organisation assist companies all around the world to pay their employees in the correct currency? Do you consistently strive for excellence? If you can answer yes to both questions this award is right for you.

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In-country Payroll Provider of the Year 2023

This award is for companies seeking recognition for their efforts processing in-country payroll for external organisations. Have you helped organisations save money, streamline processes or improve accuracy? Is your In-Country payroll organisation the best in the world? This award could be the one for you.

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Global Payroll Supplier of the Year 2023

Is your organisation a Global Payroll Supplier assisting organisations processing payroll on a global and regional basis for different employee sizes ranging from 5-150,000+ across multiple countries and regions? Are you exceptional? Do you believe that your company is the best in the world? This award is for you.

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Payroll Team of the Year 2023

Do you have the best payroll team in the world or are you part of an outstanding payroll team? We want to hear about your team and the individuals within it that make it worthy of celebrating. What great achievements and improvements have your team and its members made over the last 18 months?

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Payroll Student of the Year 2023

Have you just started your career in payroll or been in payroll for a number of years and decided to study for a payroll qualification? Or have you joined a college specifically for payroll and feel ready to demonstrate the aptitude that makes you the payroll student of the year?

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Submission Deadline: 21st April 2023

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