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Breakfast Briefing 
Date: Tuesday 21st January 2020 
Time:  8.30am - 11.45am
VenueThe Gibson Hotel, The point square, Dublin 1, Ireland D01 X2P2

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I have always found the GPA events to be extremely informative with high quality speakers covering key topics, great networking opportunities and fantastic value for money too!”

A great day and so good to have so many payroll professionals under one roof! As always the speakers gave a very good overview as to what is going on in the real payroll world

The GPA team were very helpful, professional and welcoming. This really made the day most very enjoyable as well as being informative. The setting for the venue was well-chosen for getting there and the meetings were well-organised and structured. There was something for everyone concerned with the complexities and issues in payroll both in the UK and globally, thank you GPA!

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Cordoba Suite
The Gibson Hotel, The point square, 

Dublin 1, Ireland D01 X2P2

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Graham Jenkins

Graham was previously the Global Process Owner for Payroll and T&E at IBM, where he was responsible for Payroll/T&E strategy, operations and resourcing during a 30 year career.

Patrycja Strzelecka 

Patrycja has many years of experience in outsourcing business services. She has built one of the biggest accounting companies in Poland, Extor S.A., which TMF acquired in May 2016. 

Joan Haafs

Joan leads TMF Netherlands' Global Business Services, including the Dutch international payroll business. He has over 17 years’ experience in the payroll outsourcing industry.


I had a very enjoyable day and it was great to catch up with delegates from last year. The event was very informative and featured some excellent presentations by your key speakers.

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8.30am - 9.00am 

Why you need to make Payroll a critical part of strategic decision-making
The buoyant Irish Economy is at a unique position of growth. It’s a high employment / high vacancy landscape which is fuelled by national and multi-national business success. However, it does mean that it’s increasingly difficult for companies that want to grow, to find, attract, recruit and retain the best talent. And when coupled with increasingly complex regulatory demands, the payroll operation plays a significant role in ensuring staff retention is high and businesses remain compliant.

But as the Irish Payroll community manages these demands, the best performing organisations are asking their payroll teams how they can move from a service delivery function to a position of offering strategic input and decision support.

This session by Wendy Muirhead will examine the employment landscape of Ireland and it’s impact on payroll while highlighting how technology can be both a functional tool and a strategic decision support mechanism.

9.00am - 9.45am 

9.45am - 10.30am 

Coffee and Networking 

10.30am  - 11.00am



11.00am  - 11.45am

The end to end process of a payroll implementation
Implementation of a global payroll solution is a months-long task that can at first seem daunting. But, understanding the process and requirements up-front can alleviate the fear of the unknown.

When done the right way, an implementation doesn’t have to be a struggle fraught with miscommunication. The key to an effective implementation is planning, teamwork and communication.

Before embarking on any payroll system implementation project, it is important to think about operational readiness and what a successful “go live” looks like for your business.

Today we will be talking through the step by step approach to be considered when implementing a new global payroll system.

Wendy Muirhead
Vice President Sales


Wendy is responsible and accountable for the commercial and strategic growth of Ceridian Europe. Having spent most of her career working with organisations undertaking Global HCM and Payroll transformation, she has a wealth of industry experience.
As a strong advocate for identifying value through shared insights, Wendy is cultivating a collaborative culture within Ceridian which is delivering tangible benefits to her team and customer s alike.

Lee-Ann Kilroy
Director of Global Payroll 


Lee-ann joined Forcepoint from a U.K. Top-40 accountancy firm and has held key leadership roles throughout her career including operations, implementation and project management teams.

International employments
With organisations increasingly looking to the global market to secure the right talent, ‘non-standard’ international employments are becoming more common.
That is, organisations are employing people to work remotely overseas, engaging contractors rather than employees, promoting international secondments
and relocations and allowing people to commute from another country to their workplace.

All of this means more complexity for employers. In this session we cover:

  • the rise of non-standard employments;
  • key compliance considerations for employers (immigration, employment law, tax, social security and payroll); and
  • managing compliance effectively.

Lee Mcintyre-Hamilton
Blick Rothenberg 

An industry leading advisor on international employment matters. Lee has worked for over 20 years
in the global employment arena and has advised a wide range of organisations from large global corporations through to INGOs and small owner managed businesses. Lee has contributed as an author to the Tiley and Collison UK tax guide on international social security, has acted as an expert witness in international employment tax cases and regularly presents at industry seminars.